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The Awakened Being - Conversations to Create Change

Dec 30, 2021

This episode is a quick transmission for you to receive support with ALL that’s happening that has you feeling unsure, cray cray and wondering wtf is going on.   As we work through the 3D to enter the 4D, dissolving the illusion and creating the new reality, it can feel like we aren’t getting anywhere.

I know lovers, I got you and we’ve got this. So, this is to share some insights and awareness into what is actually happening and why you feel the way you do. 

Here’s the low down of what we dive into in this transmission… there is a lot of new sound and light codes being uploaded into the earth-plane hologram, as well as the gates to the etheric realms of consciousness that have been opened. 

What this means is that we are getting upgraded to be able to receive even more.  You’ve most likely experienced what I like to call “Ascension Symptoms.”  If you’ve felt fatigued, sluggish, unable to concentrate, loopy or light-headed, and a bit “out of body” or unable to function or operate well in your body.  Dealing with all the energy coming in can feel really overwhelming.  This is normal… your body is trying to expand and recalibrate to be able to operate with this new level of energy, awareness and frequency available.  

What is required is for you to release what is wanting to move, so you can integrate the new. 

So, how do you clear the stagnant energy and embrace the new?  We are going to cover easy and simple tools to begin releasing and receiving. We are energetic, vibrational beings and we are here to play with the different energies that are sent to this planet. It is here for us to lean into and expand, not to run away from.

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I am honored to be on this sacred journey with you to full Remembrance, Liberation and living
your greatest life adventure!

You are worthy of ALL of it and playing into your most luscious life.  See you there Beloved.

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