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The Awakened Being - Conversations to Create Change

Dec 24, 2019

Take a Journey into the Jungles of Colombia as Marci & Kristen share our deepest truths of transformation and healing that were revealed, working with the sacred teacher and plant medicine Ayahuasca in the Garden of Eden for Marci’s Portal to Liberation Experience. 

After feeling a strong call to the medicine yet...

Dec 24, 2019

What actually happens in these deep plant medicine experiences?  How does alchemizing the trauma stored in your cells, releasing programs and activating your DNA really look like?  How are new reference points in your system to experience pure bliss, joy, and unconditional love as your new way of being even created?

Dec 18, 2019

Do you ever pause and think about the words you say?

Our unconscious is often playful and silly, leading us to exclaim phrases that are sometimes quite ridiculous. This is a journey where Marci will guide you through the depths of the unconscious mind. This subconscious exploration will benefit your own greater...

Dec 11, 2019

What is a Twin Flame, TwinRay, or Soul Companion?  Are the contexts that we've put on these labels creating your own sacrifice and suffering or your liberation?

Marci and Dallas Michael have known about their twin flame connection for years, and they break down exactly how they both relate to the concept, and moving...

Dec 4, 2019

Can we be with all of ourselves?

In this episode, Marci and special guest Mike Chang dig into the depths of building and letting go of an influential platform. Both Marci and Mike spent years working on their brands before realizing that the best way forward was to take a step backwards. To set the example through...