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The Awakened Being - Conversations to Create Change

Feb 24, 2020

In life, the teacher appears only when the student is ready.

You may think that hearing a diagnosis of breast cancer would be the worst thing that Marci Lock could hear. 

Especially at a time in her life when she had so many other things she could look at as “wrong” or “bad”.

The breast cancer diagnosis was the last straw in a string of signals from the universe - Marci used it as an opportunity to heal and live her life in a new vibration!

This episode of The Awakened Being is a powerful conversation from the soul of one who has been through the inferno of Hell to be able to emerge in the paradise on the other side, with the ability to appreciate it in its fullest extent!

Listen and learn how you too can share a piece of this reflection - nothing can bring us down if we don’t allow it to!

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You are absolutely worthy of living life in Liberation, Abundance and Bliss Right Now!

The Power of Choice is Yours, Choose Your Best Life.