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The Awakened Being - Conversations to Create Change

Jul 8, 2022

Have you ever thought that Bliss or experiencing it just wasn’t real or attainable?   It’s a fairy tale that isn’t reality to be living in or experiencing bliss as your natural state and way of being with life.

Well, Phyllis felt the same, it was just too “woo woo,” out there and unrealistic.  Fast forward just a few weeks later, after she participated in my “Portal of Liberation” Colombia Retreat experience, and she is living fully in her Bliss. 

How is such a quantum leap possible and what did that journey entail?

This conversation is apart of the “Marci on Medicine Series” to open up the possibilities, see through the illusions and hear the ins and outs of the expansion available working with plant medicines.  We dive into her journey of prep, during and integration to allow you to hear all the aspects of what this journey entailed.   What were the break throughs, insights and integration pieces that allowed her to come to the result of creating, accepting & living in bliss as her norm and divine birthright.

Join us and if you are feeling the call to work with plant medicines, psychedelics or these sacred sacraments to heal, activate and align to your highest experience, then follow the link to apply.  Find out more about the Colombia Portal of Liberation experience at

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