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The Awakened Being - Conversations to Create Change

Dec 23, 2020

You Can’t Receive It from Others or the World Until….

Are you ready to fill in the gaps to truly manifest what you want and Receive? Tune into this episode as dive into the biggest gap keeping you from fully receiving. 

As energetic quantum beings, we will always be manifesting what we are vibrating. We have been programmed to believe we have to do, be and act a certain way or follow a certain protocol in order to receive approval, love and acceptance. It’s time to dissolve that illusion that is creating our own loop cycle of suffering and simply another version of reality you can continue to live in if you choose.

We can break the illusion and cycle to give ourselves permission to exist, take up space, see and know our own value, ask for what we want, and give to ourselves what we want.  If you let go of receiving permission from outside yourself, what experience of life would you be having?  Your natural divine state is that of LIGHT, bliss, pleasure, prosperity, joy and to thrive as the LIGHT Being you are designed as.  You are the Divine.  You are abundance. You have never been and never are separate from it and as the source of your own experience, only you can choose to give it to yourself.

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I am honored to be on this sacred journey with you to full Remembrance, Liberation and living
your greatest life adventure!

You are worthy of ALL of it and playing into your most luscious life.  See you there Beloved.

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