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The Awakened Being - Conversations to Create Change

Jul 26, 2019

This is NOT your typical podcast!  We go where others won’t, sharing all things with nothing to hide and nothing to prove. What each show reveals is a way to completely see and implement a new reality. This is done as Marci shares in full transparency her deepest transformational experiences, activations, and initiations from all over the world that allowed her to become the million-dollar coach and a global leader that teaches people how to live a life they absolutely love. 

Here, you claim, create, and receive the exact how-to shifts to live in your liberation, bliss, and abundance right now.

We’re on a journey together to unlearn, deprogram, and de-story the “normal” experience of settle, sacrifice, and struggle so we can activate and align to our natural state of bliss, joy, ease, flow, magic, miracles, abundance, and the pleasure of life in all areas.​

This show will support you to remember your divinity, self-expression, freedom, and the wholeness you are for life as your grandest adventure.​

This is an Awakened Being.

And this is the show to create change.

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You are absolutely worthy of living life in Liberation, Abundance and Bliss Right Now!

The Power of Choice is Yours, Choose Your Best Life.