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The Awakened Being - Conversations to Create Change

Dec 8, 2022

Have you struggled with disease, dysfunction, sickness and your health? 


It’s time to re-think everything that isn’t working and the systems that keep us enslaved, disconnected and sick.  On this show, as apart of the Marci on Medicine series we are jamming out with The Hybrid Healing Doctor – Dr. Katia Miller who as a well known Doctor born and raised in Puerto Rico, realized she couldn’t keep playing into the health care system and medical field and she created a whole new way for Hybrid Healing along with healing herself.


She shares her journey of surviving, numbing out and doing what she thought she had to within the designed medical systems.  As she was called to work with Sacred Sacraments, as teachers and in ceremonial settings, she discovered how to heal her own challenges with Multiple Sclerosis and addictions, and these modalities allowed ongoing healing of the body, mind and spirit inspiring her to change the way she practices medicine. 


Doctor Katia is an approved facilitator for the Marci Lock Signature Retreats and Ascension Adventures Transformational experiences and has been through extensive training in Marci’s Awakened Embodied Healer program and deep training to work with these sacred medicines and guide individuals through the Marci Lock Medicine Expansion Formula giving the pathway from preparation, working through the layers throughout the process, how to play with the medicines for maximized transformation and the integration for a pathway of safety and support through your entire evolutionary experience into remembrance. 


As a Doctor, she specializes also in assisting individuals to be able to safely get off medications to be able to work with these sacred plant teachers.  She is also our Micro-dosing specialist along with lifestyle changes honoring her unique body's composition with Ayurveda, Plant Medicines like Cannabis, Ayahuasca, Psilocybin and Amphibian Medicine such as Kambo and Bufo.


You can find out the retreats Katia is running by visiting 

Or connect with her and all she offers at:  IG: katia_hybriddoctor

FB professional page: 


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I am honored to be on this sacred journey with you to full Remembrance, Liberation and living your greatest life adventure!