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The Awakened Being - Conversations to Create Change

Jun 27, 2022

Plant Medicines… Sacred Sacraments… Psychedelics… Amphibious Compounds… Clairogenic Visionary Gifts of Awakening our consciousness to access and imprint with our source codes.

Whatever you are calling it, it is time to really TALK about it.


Have you ever worked with any of these?  Have you just heard about it or has it come up into your field that you are curious about working with these sacred tools?


This deep dive “Tell All” is to give you a whole picture insight into the aspects you want to be aware of whenever you are working with these sacred elements for your healing, activation and awakening.  Most people go into these experiences without even knowing what questions to ask to be clear on what they are entering into, or without any preparation, guidance or knowing how to work with it or what to do after.   This is a very potent portal for your greatest transformation, healing and activation into higher frequency attunement giving you access to re-create a new reality and manifest whatever you want.  If you have all these pieces of the formula in place to do so.  Otherwise, most people end up confused, disconnected and experiencing trauma instead which is so far from what these sacred elements are intended for.


Whether you’ve worked with them before and are curious how to amplify the experience, or you have never worked with them and have been feeling the call.  Join me for this conversation to talk about the many aspects that give you the greatest liberation to choose safety, support, guidance and your greatest activation that is available for you. 


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