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The Awakened Being - Conversations to Create Change

Jun 21, 2021

How do we move through resistance and discover all that we are? How can you step into the creator you are destined to be?

Adam Roa joins me today to dive into opening yourself up to your potential. He is an entrepreneur and 7-figure coach who works with actors, CEOs, and professionals across the world. You may also know him from his video on Goalpost of a spoken word poem called “You Are Who You’ve Been Looking For.” His life is centered around creativity, and he believes expressing creativity is how you can lead a fulfilled life that nourishes your soul.

Like many seekers and spiritual people, Adam found himself always searching the shadows and for what he could correct in himself. Eventually, he found that was exhausting. The only things that are sustainable are things that we enjoy. When you say “I’m going to play and create,” all the limiting beliefs and uncomfortable feelings associated with creating and playing are going to come up to be healed. Creation is a fun way to bring up whatever still gets to be moved through, loved, and healed.

To become the creator you’re destined to be, just PLAY! Allow yourself to be in the innocence of curiosity. You don’t need to focus on being perfect – focus on play. Remove the pressure and allow yourself to do it just for enjoyment.

Enjoy today’s show, and if you want to go even deeper into your journey of infinite pleasure, play, and creativity, then it is all available and here for you to be guided into playing into a new reality. Visit my website and take a look at my programs and products, or check out what’s latest on my Facebook or Instagram pages below.

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You are worthy of ALL of it and playing into your most luscious life.  See you there Beloved.

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