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The Awakened Being - Conversations to Create Change

Sep 23, 2019

What is keeping you from the Ultimate Love Affair with Life?  The Ultimate Love affair with you and becoming your own source of fulfillment.  Falling in love with yourself is the only way you can choose to become worthy of creating a life that you absolutely love.

This episode we dive into some of my own very authentic shares about falling in love with myself and how we align to a level of self worth that allows us to accept all the abundance, joy, bliss, pleasure, support and love available.

We also dive into the paradigms operating in relationship that have us in patterns of compromise, settling and sacrificing and how to shift to create the patterns and alignment of awakened conscious relationships.  In this, we also discover how we get to be balanced in our own internal feminine and masculine to receive the balanced, whole and complete relationships in our world.  How do we become our own source of fulfillment and operate in life with no attachments or expectations to experience pure freedom?  Join us as we dive into the Awakened Being and this conversation to create change in your life.

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I am honored to be on this sacred journey with you to full Remembrance, Liberation and living
your greatest life adventure!

You are worthy of ALL of it and playing into your most luscious life.  See you there Beloved.

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