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The Awakened Being - Conversations to Create Change

Aug 25, 2021

Are you curious about ways to share your gifts and your light with the world? My guest today, Pete Longworth is a creativity genius and will help you create content that serves humanity through your gifts. You’re going to LOVE today’s episode of The Awakened Being, because we are all CREATORS here to share our unique divinity.

One of Pete’s biggest passions is introducing people to themselves through photography and videography. His work is about revealing the layers buried deep within people to help them uncover their True Selves. This process is an awakening to deep beauty.

Pete is also an expert at SEEING, and teaches that how you see things, and your ability to share your unique perspective with the world, is one of your greatest gifts.

In today’s era, everyone has a camera, and your unique perspective will set your content apart from others. It’s not about having the fanciest, most expensive equipment. It’s about authentically sharing your thoughts and feelings with others.

If your content is disingenuous, it shows through and dulls your message. It’s important to ask yourself, “Why am I creating? What drives me?”

And when you start to create, notice what comes up for you. Strip away the notion of creating for others, and make it for you. Let your perspective inform composition and remember that your mood and energy affect your subject. Take responsibility for your own energy. Give yourself grace to enjoy the playground of creativity and putting content out into the world.

Apply these, and many more tips that you’ll discover once you press play on today’s episode of The Awakened Being, and watch your creativity create transformation in the world.

Now is the time! To find a way to bring your message to the world, harness your energy, and create. It doesn’t have to be hard -- just start creating, and be authentic.

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You are worthy of ALL of it and playing into your most luscious life.  See you there Beloved.

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