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The Awakened Being - Conversations to Create Change

Jul 21, 2022

You know you want to be fully f***n FREE to BE and DO all that you are.  To live your greatest life of adventure, bliss, pleasure, play, abundance and all on your own terms.  Is this something you’ve been seeking for so long and it seems to be that there is always more to seek than to arrive at experiencing it?

What is keeping you from fully IMPRINTING with this as your Divine Birthright?  What is in the way of the ALIGNMENT to give yourself permission to be unapologetically expressed, seen, heard and free to be all we are that allows us to create and experience our life of liberation?

It’s time to transition from the SEEKER of it, to the EMBODIMENT of your greatest Liberated life.  In this show, that is a transmission apart of the Marci on Medicine Series, we dive into Liberation Codes that we can bring awareness to some key pieces to moving from it being outside of you, and it becoming the code you operate from in your everyday moment and experience with all of life.  Elizabeth Lynne, who at 57 years young currently shares the journey of seeking to embodiment, as a glorious example of living her fullest greatest life, traveling the world wherever she desires immersed in experiences and giving herself permission to evolve, grow and live her purpose beyond the paradigms, programs and limitations that stop so many. 

Elizabeth is an approved facilitator for the Marci Lock Signature Retreats and Ascension Adventures Transformational experiences and has been through extensive training in Marci’s Awakened Embodied Healer program and deep training to work with these sacred medicines and guide individuals through the Marci Lock Medicine Expansion Formula giving the pathway from preparation, working through the layers throughout the process, how to play with the medicines for maximized transformation and the integration for a pathway of safety and support through your entire evolutionary experience into remembrance. 

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There are many resources to support you wherever you are at on the journey.  Check out the meditations, activations and specific programs and retreats to guide you into playing your way into a new reality in whatever area you are ready to break through. 

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I am honored to be on this sacred journey with you to full Remembrance, Liberation and living your greatest life adventure!